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The Palace Hotel Kota Kinabalu - Personal Review

The Palace Hotel Kota Kinabalu
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Personal Review

Coordinates: 5°58'22"N   116°4'33"E
Map from Kota Kinabalu International Airport to The Palace Hotel Kota Kinabalu  here.
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*Booked the room using AGODA for RM127.59 inclusive service charges and tax*

My friend and I staying here only from 10.00 pm to 9.00 am. Thus, my experience here only limited to that period

My first impression about this hotel is that it's far from the main road. If you go to the Wikimapia here, you will see what I mean. For a tourist, they need to walk down the hills to get a public transport. Apart from that, since the hotel is far from the main road, there is no food stall nearby. Lucky for us since this is a business trip, there will be a driver who will pick us up to the office.

Second impression is that the exterior lighting look like a night pub. Luckily it is not.

Our room is at the ground floor which there is no window. This is the first time I'm staying at a room with no window and I really regret it. From Peninsular Malaysia to Sabah, there is a timing differences. Since there is no window, it was hard for us to predict the time & the sunrise. We assumed that the differences is only one hour early.

The interior design is totally white. Most of the furniture and items in the room are whites. Maybe they want a modern concept but the whites are too much. Nevertheless, the room is clean and super comfy. The bathroom is clean too (this is the most important thing about a staying place) and spacious.

With RM127.59, I do think that this room is enough for me since it is spacious, clean and great washroom - not included the no-window and whites-decoration into consideration. I'm still happy with the room and what we get with what we have been paid.

The room did not provide any iron to the customers. We need to call the cleaner asking for an iron. We call at night after check-in and until midnight, our iron still did not arrived. We did call a few times for a reminder but it was still the same. I'm quite upset since they said that they can send the iron which make us to wait - although we were so tired from the juggling flight fighting the mighty turbulence. With a sullen heart, we ended our night in bed hoping that they will send the iron on the next morning. On the next morning, we call the cleaner again and hoping that they can send the iron. In 10 minutes, it arrived at our door. Fuh... they should not made their customer wait that long. Just tell the truth either they can or not send the iron. As simple as that.

That's all some of our experience at the hotel. Below are some pictures of our room. Please take note that it's does not as fancy and beautiful as what have been portrayed in their main website. A marketing strategy maybe?

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